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What makes India Get A Freelancer so unique? The members - of course! We certify the personal information of all members, both employers and freelancers. The problem with most job posting websites is that you never know when you will get scammed by someone. By verifying the personal information of all our members, we greatly reduce the problem by blocking those who might choose to sign up with false information. While we certainly cannot guarantee a scam-free environment, we have taken necessary measures to ensure that our members do not use fake information to sign up. All of our freelancers must be based in India to join our database. If you are located outside of India, you are not eligible to sign up as a freelancer.

FREELANCERS: Some other freelance sites want to charge a percentage for projects. We do not nickel & dime our freelancers or take advantage of them. You can accept as many jobs as you can handle, and you do not have to pay us anything extra. Just a small, annual $7.95 verification fee through PayPal, and you get unlimited access to our jobs database. You will also be listed in our national database of freelancers, under your area of residence.

EMPLOYERS: Did you know that you can post unlimited jobs on our freelance website? ($7.95 annual verification fee required) We do not set a limit on messages or replies either. All contact is anonymous and confidential. Freelancers are forbidden from sending spam to employers, as per our terms and conditions.

Your phone number & email address are kept private - they do not appear on the website at any time

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You must be located in India to join this site as a freelancer

If you live in the United States, click here for the USA website.

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